Kickstart Richmond Dance Festival!


Design by Robbie Kinter

It’s here – the Kickstarter campaign has launched for the Richmond Dance Festival at Dogtown Dance Theatre, and you’ll want to get in on it to support this fantastic festival. Ground Zero Dance performs May 2 & 3, the second weekend of the whole shebang.

MAY 2-3 – Ground Zero Dance & FDANCE perform Friday & Saturday, May 2 & 3 at 8pm. Tickets $20, Students $15 Visit

Ground Zero Dance members Rob Petres, Victoria Fink, and Pam England will present work alongside FDANCE’s Artistic Director Rebecca A. Ferrell.

Victoria Fink will be presenting an original piece performed by six dancers representing a unit or family attempting to conceal their individual and collective truths in order to stay together.

Rob Petres’s work will take the form of a video dance based on a solo titled, “Assessing Internal Damage,” performed by dancer Molly Grose. Pam England presents a trio building on a previous work, the “Fall” section of her “Four Seasons” cycle.

Rebecca A. Ferrell, of FDANCE, confronts the social structures surrounding women in reference to traditional female roles in American society in a performance piece combing text, dance, and video. Ferrell will also present a duet choreographed on rva dance collective members Jess Burgess and Danica Kalemdaroglu.